Two-factor authentication in Neptun


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  To understand the situation how reactivating messaging from Neptun web for teachers works, we need to state that the login to the system has to work based on modern security rules. In response to the increasing demands for information security, the University of Pécs has made two-factor authentication available when logging into the Neptun educational system. In Neptun version 2023.2, the use of two-factor authentication is mandatory for all users working in teaching positions from August 31, 2023 when logging in to Neptun.

  Two-factor authentication means that, in addition to your usual login name and password, you will also need to provide a unique code generated by a separate authentication application to access the system. This authentication app can be installed on both mobile phones and desktop computers or laptops.

  • The authentication application can be installed on a mobile phone, the recommended authentication application is Microsoft Authenticator. You can read more about the downloading and installing the Microsoft Authenticator application at this link.
  • If you do not have a smartphone, you can also use the FortiToken Windows application installed on your computer as an authentication application. You can start downloading the FortiToken application from this link.
  • You can also use an authentication application other than the above listed options such as Google Authenticator or the NISZ authentication application (for Android and iOS), but the primarily recommended and supported application is the Microsoft Authenticator or the FortiToken app.
  • An application called Twilio Authy is available for Linux, in which you can register the two-factor key in the same way as with FortiToken, and then the program will generate the 6-digit token with which you can identify yourself upon entering.

Microsoft Authenticator is compatible with iOS version 11.0 or above, Android version 6.0 or above. FortiToken is available on Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher.

You need to register your Neptun account in the authentication application. Registration can be completed on the Neptun student web interface after logging in, under the "My Data/Settings" menu, within the "Two-Factor Authentication" tab.

During registration, you must either scan the QR-code in the already installed application or enter the authentication code generated on the registration interface, along with the password used for Neptun login. After registration, you will be required to enter the authentication code generated by the application every time you log in.

Auhentication application registration launched from Neptun is presented below.

  1. Download Microsoft Authenticator or FortiToken for Windows.
    You can log in to the Microsoft Authenticator application with the Microsoft ID used on PTE (, but the application will create a new account for Neptun login. The identification code of the M365 account of the Microsoft Authenticator application will not work when authenticating the Neptun login.


  2. On Neptun's web surface, you can start the registration by clicking the Settings button on the Two-factor authentication tab of the My data / Settings menu item.

  3. By clicking the Setup button, you will meet the following window:

  4. Scan the QR-code displayed in Neptun to the Microsoft Authenticator application.
    If you have installed a FortiToken Windows authentication application, enter the text 56-digit code from the pop-up window in Neptun instead of the QR-code (Show the code).

    If you do not create the authentication code by a mobile but an application installed on a computer (FortiToken Windows) and you use Neptun to log in from several computers, you must have the authentication application on each computer. In this case, it is important to save the 56-digit text code associated with the QR-code and register your Neptun account with the same code in all installed applications.

    The 6-digit code generated by the installed application must be entered in the cell under "Enter code" and the password belonging to your Neptun account - which is also used in the Central Identification system - must be entered in the field under "Password".


  5. After the successful registration, the account named by you (e.g. University of Pécs) will appear in the main menu of the Authenticator. Entering the authentication code (One-time password) generated by the application in this account every time you log in to Neptun. The 6-digit authentication code (one-time password or token) is updated by the Authenticator every 30 seconds.
    Please note that 2 authentication applications cannot be used in parallel!


If you encounter any problems with your registration, feel free to write to us at or ask the colleagues at your faculty or research center for help.

Levél Csapda