Two-factor authentication in Neptun

In Neptun version 2023.2, two-factor authentication (2FA) is available, the use of which is mandatory for all users working in teaching positions from August 31, 2023 to log in to Neptun. The setting of 2FA for students is highly recommended.

Prohibition of recording and changing bank account numbers

Dear Students,

Based on institutional indications, a new form of attack has appeared in the past few days, unauthorized users, using possibly leaked username and password pairs, record student bank account numbers in Neptun system. In order to prevent possible abuses, the bank account number cannot be changed on the student web, and a new bank account number cannot be recorded. In case of such a request, please contact the Registrar's Office of the faculty.

Password management

The new password policy will require a minimum length of 12 characters for the PTE user accounts (compulsory items: capital letter, small letter, number, special character) and the repeating of the last 10 passwords will be forbidden. With the use of PTE Central Authentication you have access to several university services with your user name (Neptun/EHA code) and its password, which will be affected by the change of password.

Levél Csapda