Registration of the two-factor authentication (TFA) for students

Dear Student, 

In response to the increasing demands for information security, the University of Pécs has made two-factor authentication mandatory for all users when logging into the Neptun academic system.

Two-factor authentication means that, in addition to your usual login name and password, you will also need to provide a unique code generated by a separate authentication application to access the system. This authentication app can be installed on both mobile phones and desktop computers or laptops.

As a mobile application, Microsoft Authenticator is primarily recommended and supported, but two-factor authentication also works with Google Authenticator and the NISZ Authentication application.

For desktop applications, FortiToken is recommended for Windows and iOS systems, while the Authy application is available for Linux operating systems.

You need to register your Neptun account in the authentication application. Registration can be completed on the Neptun student web interface after logging in, under the "My Data/Settings" menu, within the "Two-Factor Authentication" tab.

During registration, you must either scan the QR code in the already installed application or enter the authentication code generated on the registration interface, along with the password used for Neptun login. After registration, you will be required to enter the authentication code generated by the application every time you log in. 

If you encounter any issues during registration, please contact us at or seek assistance from your faculty's Registrar's Office.

Levél Csapda