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Neptun Unified Education System


Checking personal data – data modifications

You can find four tabs on this interface, and in this first, “Personal data” tab you can view your basic personal data (e.g. address, name, citizenship, tax identification number, date of birth, educational identifier etc,) and here you are allowed to edit them by clicking the “Modify data” button.

On the Personal data interface, below the second "Permanent/Temporary student card" tab, permanent and temporary student card data are displayed.
By clicking the "Options" icon at the end of the line you can view the data of the decal and possible identity card belonging to the certain student card.

Under the third, "Records" tab on the Personal data interface, your official documents are shown that have been uploaded to the system.
Here you have the opportunity (if your institution authorizes it) to upload a new record/records and modify or even delete the existing data as well.

Under the fourth, “Preference” tab on the Personal data interface, such data are displayed of you, by which you may receive preference on a certain field that is determined by the institution. This could be the recording of deficiency. You can enforce your modification intention according to the institutional limitations.
Your data displayed here are crucial as they are required, among others, to the administration of tax relief for fees, of scholarships or of availing you with social security services, so you are requested to modify them only in justified cases.

By clicking on the menu of Personal Data, Data modifications, you can see your previously sent data modification requests. In the "Accepted" column you can see whether a request has already been accepted or not.

Levél Csapda