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How can I register for an exam?

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When logging in this screen first, all exams being posterior to the actual date and announced in the current semester will be shown automatically, but you can also refine the list.  If you are only interested in the exams of a particular subject, select the subject in the "Subjects" dropdown menu and click on "List exams. If you have found the searched exam, click on the name of the exam subject or on the line-end “Options / Exam data” link, and data of the selected exam appear in a pop-up window (basic data, courses/registered students, examiners, history).  To register for an exam click on the “Registration” within the “Options” icon in the line of the certain date on the Exam registration interface.  You will receive an automatic system message about your exam registration from Neptun. You will get this message even if someone else has registered you for the exam. If you have already registered for the exam, letters of the line of the exam appears in blue, and the “Registration” link is also inactive. However, the “Deregistration” link turns into active, so you can drop the registered exam just from here. You can deregister from the exam by clicking on “(+) Options” at the end of line of that certain exam and then clicking on “Deregister” (according to the regulations of the University of Pécs, deregistration can be done within 36 hours prior to the exam, or however the faculty provisions lays it down.)  In this case the system tries to deregister you from the exam concerned and gives a confirmation about successful or unsuccessful operation. You will receive an automatic system message about deregistration as well, either you have or someone else has performed deregistration from the exam.

Levél Csapda