Register for courses and subjects / Campus kredit

The Faculties offer optional subjects to each other. The student may participate in the subjects adopted by the Faculty taking into account the curricular capacities. Optional subjects outside of the curriculum are called the Campus Credit.

The list of Campus Credit subjects may be found in the Subjects/Register for subject menu. In this case, you can filter the subjects by ticking “All other subjects in the institution”.

By choosing this radio button and clicking on the List subjects button, you can list the optional courses available to you in the particular semester. You can only register to a Campus Credit subject, if

- the Faculty teaching the subject offered it and the student’s faculty adopted it,

- the course to be registered to has another, above maximum headcount limit above the curricular limit.

Subject groups help to navigate between Campos Credit subjects. Separately indicated are the subject of the Musical University, University for Active Citizens or the Credit courses for people with learning disorders. Subject groups can be selected on the right side of the filter panel.

Levél Csapda