Refund request


The student may submit a refund request in the “Finances”/”Payment” menu. Refund can only be requested for items that have been paid already. In this menu, a filter helps to list the items “Fulfilled” in the particular semester.



The items appear in a hierarchical list. For example, tuition fees appear in three instalments. The student can submit the requests per single instalments on the “Payments” tab. This means that the student has to submit a separate request for every instalment; e.g. three requests for the tuition fee.


The student can submit the request by clicking on the “Options” button (+ symbol) at the end of the line of a particular instalment and selecting “Submit request” from the pop-up list. If “Submit request” appears in grey (inactive), then the request cannot be submitted and the student has to inform the Central Registrar’s Office ( about this problem.


By clicking on “Submit request” available requests in connection with the particular instalment appear. Besides the “refund request” [visszafizetési kérelem], other requests, such as the “invoice request” [számlakérő nyilatkozat] may appear in the list. The student can start filling in the request by clicking on "refund request" in the list or clicking the “Options” (+ symbol) at the end of the line and selecting “Choose”. 




Filling in the request

The student has to fill in the bank details to which the refund is requested. Every other information is automatically filled. A refund may be requested to the own bank account of the student or to another bank account. A student not having Hungarian residence may request a refund to a foreign bank account.

If the student requests the refund to own bank account, then the program automatically fills in the bank details. If the default bank account would not appear or it is incorrect, the student has to stop filling in the request and has to inform the Registrar’s Office about the problem. Or the student can add a new account individually in the “Finances”/ ”Settings” menu as well.

If the student requests a refund to a bank account of another person, then that bank account number (2x8 or 3x character format) and the name of the account holder have to be filled in.

If the bank account is foreign, the student has to fill in the following information: the name of the bank, the name of the account holder, IBAN and SWIFT codes. In this case, these fields are compulsory to fill in.

After filling in the fields described above, the amount to be refunded has to be set. This amount may be the whole fee or a proportion of it. If the requested currency is not Hungarian forint, the requested currency has to be set.


After filling in the request, the program will show the filled request form by clicking on the “Next” button at the bottom of the page. If any information on the form is incorrect, the student may go back to edit the request by clicking on the “Back” button. By clicking on the “Submit request” button the program saves and sends the request to the system. The student does not have any further tasks after filling in and submitting the request. The student does not have to print the request. Information on the acceptance or refusal of the request can be found in the “Studies” / “Official notes” menu.



Levél Csapda