Neptun Meet Street - Tasks

The lecturer can assign mid-term tasks to be completed for a course. There are two main types of assignments, either a file to be submitted for, or an electronic exam.

The student will automatically receive a system message when the new task is posted.

Students can also view the tasks on three interfaces in Neptun.

In “Subjectes/Tasks”.

In “Subjects/Registered subjects” by clicking on the subject, on the “Tasks” tab.

Also, from Neptun Meet Street. Moving to Meet Street, new tasks and recent updates related to the virtual spaces will appear on the main page, so it can be seen, among other things, that a new task has been posted.

By listing the virtual spaces, you can view the specific task by clicking on the virtual space of the course and the “Tasks” tile there.

On any interface, if you click on the given task, you can see its basic data, there is a “Hand in tasks” tab and a “Handed in tasks” tab, and you can message the lecturer.

You can submit the completed task on the “Hand in tasks” tab.

It is possible to upload a file with any extension, so not only documents, but also videos or PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded.

On the “Handed in tasks” tab, you can view the tasks submitted already. You can only view your submitted tasks.

A given task can be a voluntary assignment, i.e. it is not mandatory for all students, only for those who apply for that task. You can see whether a task is mandatory or voluntary in the “Tasks” list.

You have to apply at the lecturer, because only they can assign you the task. 


If the given task is an electronic exam, you can view and sit the exam in the “Exams/Take e-exam” menu on the Education Administration interface.


You can find practice exams in “Practice for exams” menu.

More info on e-exams here: 

Levél Csapda