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Below you can read the user guide tailored to Neptun PTE. By clicking on the information you are looking for in the table of contents, the page immediately jumps to the topic. If there is a Neptun function that you cannot find, or if you would like to read a more detailed description, please write to us at

In order to start the training, enrolment is necessary once after admission to the university. In this case, the accepted students fill in an enrolment request via the educational system, in which they check, modify and complete their data and make the necessary statements in order to start their studies. The student status is created through the acceptance of this request. Registration is the process, which shall be repeated in every semester; a statement has to be made on the activation or passivation of the semester.

Az oktatóknak lehetőségük van évközi feladatokat kiírni a kurzus hallgatói számára. A feladat kezelés lehetővé teszi az hallgatók évközi teendőinek adminisztrációját és értékelését. 

The Neptun Education System starts operating at 10 a.m., Tuesday, 17 November, 2015. From this date the new web interface of Neptun is available on the following site:
On entering the Neptun web interface a login screen appears, on which we can login by selecting the identifier (EHA code) and the relating password.

As the introduction of any new systems, the launch of Neptun also requires patience and understanding from the users of the university.
According to the received feedback, the students of the University of Pécs handled the temporary lack of education system with patience and cooperation.
We would like to thank you for this in the name of the project management of Neptun Launch Project and also thank you in advance for your supportive attitude following the operation of the system.

The aim of this website is to help your navigation on the interface of the new electronic education system of the University of Pécs. We hope that you will find answers to your questions. Several similarities and differences might be noticed between the Neptun system, which is the new electronic education system and the ETR, which is the previous registration system. However, navigation on a new web interface is never easy. Beside the presentation of the usage, we provide the opportunity for you to send your suggestions regarding further development of the education system. We hope that both new development opportunities and previously customary solutions will provide you a pleasant user experience.

The Neptun system will be unavailable due to database maintenance from 5 April 2024 (4 p.m.). Expected restart: morning of 8 April 2024 (Monday).

Dear Users! The Neptun web service is temporarily unavailable.

Colleagues are working to eliminate the error. We thank you for your patience and understanding.



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