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Dear Lecturers,

ETR, the electronic administration system of our University will be replaced. The new system taking its place will be Neptun.
This information website was created by the staff of Neptun Implementation Project to inform users and to get to know the management of Neptun.

Neptun will be officially launched on November 17, 2015. ETR will be shut down on October 30, 2015. Between these two dates users will not be able to register data in the electronic administration system of the UP.

The change-over of the system enables us to customize the electronic administration to our own expectations and adjust it to our own operation, as well. Therefore, with this website we wish to provide the opportunity for you to give an opinion on the lecturers’ administration processes, so that we can start to develop Neptun Electronic Administration system in time.

In the User Guide you will find a general description of the system, in addition to the description and user manuals of the primary administration processes of November, e.g.: announcement of a new exam, administration of an evaluation for a degree thesis, as well as exam grade submission. We would like to ask for your assistance: if we need to add further process descriptions to the User Guide, please contact the office staff at neptun@pte.hu.

The staff of the Registrar’s Office, as well as the administrators of the departments are attending courses related to the management of Neptun in order to be able to stably manage the system, as soon as possible.

Levél Csapda