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Neptun Unified Education System



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Dear Students,

ETR will be replaced. The new system taking its place will be Neptun. During the change-over, it is the task of the project participants to transfer all information into Neptun that is currently uploaded in ETR, so that you can go on with your studies as if nothing happened. 

Neptun will be officially launched on November 17, 2015. ETR will be shut down on October 30, 2015. Between these two dates neither students nor lecturers nor administrators will be able to register data in the electronic administration system of the UP.

During the change-over it is our job to provide you with all the necessary user information and tutorials. Therefore, we ask you to check the news of the website regularly, use the information uploaded and follow the Neptun-related news of the Student Union, as well.

The change-over to the new system enables us to customize and develop the electronic administration to our own expectations and operation. Therefore, this website allows you to ask and give an opinion. 


Levél Csapda