University of Pécs

Neptun Unified Education System



On the interface of Administration / Requests you can fill in the request templates uploaded by the institution.
Here you are allowed to put in requests electronically to your institution. The requests can be varied according to the case types. The institution edits and uploads their templates to the system. They are displayed for you only in this case.
On the tab of "Available request forms" you have the option to fill in requests uploaded by the institution. This can be done by clicking on the name of the requests or on the line-end "Options/Select" link.

The request appears as part of the interface and after its filling it will be forwarded with the "Save" button. The suspension of filling Request is also possible. You can continue or re-start the filling later with the dedicated button. A red X appears in the “Request filled” column, if you have suspended the filling of the request. The abandoned request may be continued or restarted.
After saving, in certain cases (if the institution demands attachment for the request) you can upload attachment in the ‘Upload request attachment’ window. (If there is a deadline of the attachment handing in, this also appears in the window.)
In this window you can upload a file from a library with the “Browse” button and you can also enter a description to it in the “Description” field.
The upload takes place with the “Upload new attachment to request” button.

On the tab of ”Submitted requests” you can see your requests that were filled and handed in till now. It might be set that a given request how many times can be completed.

The invalidated requests are not counted in the student’s maximum number of available requests.
Since during filling some requests, you may need to see information of your other training, so in case of such requests templates we suggest that you should use the "Suspend filling in" checkbox in order to save the data already filled in during the submission of the request.

Levél Csapda