University of Pécs

Neptun Unified Education System


First steps

The Neptun, similarly to the previous education system, is available from the central website of the university and from the websites of the organization units of the unirversity by clicking on the icon which indicates the education system. Web browsers supported by the software: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. It is recommended to save the Neptun’s website as a bookmark in the favorite browser. On entering the Neptun web interface a login screen appears, on which we can login by selecting the identifier (EHA code) and password received (and the language) from the institution. The Neptun’s interfaces are available in three languages: Hungarian, English, German. If you find terms which are not appropriate for the set language (error alerts, orders, other expressions), please send your comments to the following email address: By changing the language the Hungarian texts on the interface, necessary for login, would also change to the actual language. At the bottom half of the interface you can find the latest news, downloadable documents and useful links uploaded by the institution arbitrarily (in different languages only news, descriptions and documents of the current language will appear). If you try to login the Neptun on a not supported web browser, the program will not let you enter, but a warning message will appear which informs you that you are using an unsupported browser. In such a case, the links for downloading the current versions of the supported browsers will be also displayed, by clicking on which the supported version can be downloaded easily, quickly and for free.
The first entry on the web interface is possible using the EHA code as the user name and the password received. (You can find further information about the password relating to the Neptun code in the Frequently Asked Questions, under “Neptun code”.)

Levél Csapda