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Hallgatói segédlet

Alább olvashatjátok a Neptun PTE-re szabott használati útmutatóját. A tartalomjegyzékben a keresett információra kattintva azonnal a témára ugrik az oldal. Amennyiben van olyan Neptun funkció, amelyet nem találsz, vagy részletesebb leírását olvasnád, kérjük, írd meg nekünk a címre.

Using the menu of Studies / Training data you can view the data pertaining to your training(s), programme(s), specialization(s) and diploma.
Data belonging to your training are displayed at the top of the interface.

Here you can get information about, among others the time interval of the training legal relationship, about the maximum number of useable terms, but all the essential training data can be found here (training floor, mode, programme type, module, max. number of terms, etc.).

This screen only provides information; you are not allowed to modify data here.
The interface only displays specializations for which you have already been registered.
To apply for a specialization, click "Select specialization" on the "Administration" menu.

By clicking on the menu of ”Subjects”/ ”Register for subjects ” you can register for subjects and select pertaining courses for the current semester from this screen. To register for a subject you have to choose a subject type in the filter and the "Subjects currently offered only" checkbox must be ticked.
In the subject list you have to click on the “Add” link at the subject you would like to add. At his point, the subject window appears where you can find the available courses. You can finalize your subject registration by selecting the wished course with the check box and click on the “Save” button.
A feedback message informs you about the success or failure of the subject registration.

The reason for the possible failure of subject registration can be read in this message (for example, you did not meet the current subject registration requirements established by the institution or the course is already full etc.).
The message indicates explicitly that the headcount of which course has already filled, so you can see what the reason for the failure is in case of more course registration as well.
Subject registration is possible only for currently offered subjects!
The "Register for subject" column appears only in the list of subjects if the "Subjects currently offered only" checkbox is checked! Subjects which have not been offered are read only, they cannot be added.

You can find four tabs on this interface, and in this first, “Personal data” tab you can view your basic personal data (e.g. address, name, citizenship, tax identification number, date of birth, educational identifier etc,) and here you are allowed to edit them by clicking the “Modify data” button.

On the Personal data interface, below the second "Permanent/Temporary student card" tab, permanent and temporary student card data are displayed.
By clicking the "Options" icon at the end of the line you can view the data of the decal and possible identity card belonging to the certain student card.

Under the third, "Records" tab on the Personal data interface, your official documents are shown that have been uploaded to the system.
Here you have the opportunity (if your institution authorizes it) to upload a new record/records and modify or even delete the existing data as well.

Under the fourth, “Preference” tab on the Personal data interface, such data are displayed of you, by which you may receive preference on a certain field that is determined by the institution. This could be the recording of deficiency. You can enforce your modification intention according to the institutional limitations.
Your data displayed here are crucial as they are required, among others, to the administration of tax relief for fees, of scholarships or of availing you with social security services, so you are requested to modify them only in justified cases.

By clicking on the menu of Personal Data, Data modifications, you can see your previously sent data modification requests. In the "Accepted" column you can see whether a request has already been accepted or not.

The Neptun Education System starts operating at 10 a.m., Tuesday, 17 November, 2015. From this date the new web interface of Neptun is available on the following site:
On entering the Neptun web interface a login screen appears, on which we can login by selecting the identifier (EHA code) and the relating password.

As the introduction of any new systems, the launch of Neptun also requires patience and understanding from the users of the university.
According to the received feedback, the students of the University of Pécs handled the temporary lack of education system with patience and cooperation.
We would like to thank you for this in the name of the project management of Neptun Launch Project and also thank you in advance for your supportive attitude following the operation of the system.

The aim of this website is to help your navigation on the interface of the new electronic education system of the University of Pécs. We hope that you will find answers to your questions. Several similarities and differences might be noticed between the Neptun system, which is the new electronic education system and the ETR, which is the previous registration system. However, navigation on a new web interface is never easy. Beside the presentation of the usage, we provide the opportunity for you to send your suggestions regarding further development of the education system. We hope that both new development opportunities and previously customary solutions will provide you a pleasant user experience.


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