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How can I pay my tuition fee?

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The usual payment methods (except for payment by cheque) will not change. Students will be able to fulfill their payments by bank transfers, at the cahiers and on the Neptun Unified Education System.
Students can list the items to be paid by choosing “Finances/Payment” on the top menu bar. Payments by credit card can be fulfilled with the help of a suitable credit card on the web page of OTP Bank. By selecting this payment option the next step will display the OTP website, where you can make payments of imposition items via the Internet by providing your credit card data.
Transcribed items may come with requests, such as request for payment of tuition fee by installments and tuition fee reduction request. The regulation of these may vary between the faculties. Students can find the request forms by clicking on “(+) Options/Submit Request” at the end of the item line. More information about the option of joint account payment and its institutional launch can be found under “Joint accouns”.

Levél Csapda